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   ███▓▒░░.RULES FOR POSTING.░░▒▓███
  The application response is sent only day 1 to day 05 of each month, but only for those who are accepted.

- You will least 1 post for week (or more)

    - Please join on our Flickr/ Facebook group
FB       (

  - You must tag on FB or Flick Nimue Granlty when post an RD Style item. You can add Her here:
(Nimue's FB
Nimue's Flickr

  - Please before posting, chek in the pack the note of information and please give attention about the date of the promo or event during, if the date is expired, ask if you can post that item and if is yes which link back (slurl location) to use for the item.

 - Please use always the slurl which Renata sign on the information note for your link back.

 - Please "spam" in our blogger group all links or advertisment about your blog which contain RD style items or if you want make it in private form, send a notecard to Renata Dragovar about your work.

 - If you can't blog for any reason, please inform Renata Dragovar.

                                            ███▓▒░░.BLOGGERS AWARDS.░░▒▓███
I think that is right to give a prize for best bloggers for incentivate our team to make a good works!
Every end of mounth, start by May, i'll decide 3 bloggers which can win a linden prize, the prerequisites which we will evaluate, will be:
  - Good quality of pictures
  - Respect Rules
  - How many posts make at month
The awards are:
   - 1st place 650 Linden
   - 2nd place 550 Linden
   - 3rd place 400 Linden

The name of 3 winners will be send every end of mounth via notice on our blogger group.
Good luck!!!
Complete your form Here (Blogger Application Form)

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