25 outubro 2014


RD Style Exlusives:
Outfit Mayumi: 100 Linden eachplay

22 outubro 2014

Kawaii VS Creepy Gacha Event

RD Style Exlusives:
Outfit Mayumi: 100 Linden eachplay
Candy Flat Scarf Sandals Mesh: 99 Linden eachplay
From 25 oct to 22 nov
Come on don't forget!

October Group Gifts

New October Gifts!
Group join fee 100 linden

Fashion's Story Fair

RD Style Exlusives:
Outfit Suellen I & II
only 150 Linden eachone
Outfit Tatiane
only 199 Linden
from 19 oct to 29 oct
Come to visit our stand at this event!

Candy Shop Event

The Candy Shop Event
RD Style Exlusive:
Outfit Clarie I & II
Only 150Linden Eachone
From 18 oct to 31 oct
Come to visit us!

17 outubro 2014

New Omg Room Round

Omg Room New Round
Outfit Trixie I & II 
Outfit Akira I & II
100 linden Eachone 
Don't miss this roudn

15 outubro 2014

New Release in Store

New Outfits Into RD Style Store
Onlye 250 Linden for eachone
Don't Miss this wonderfoul
outfit alice in other two different colors
exlusives for The Bloody horror fair
check out on RD blog for more info!

Bloody Horror Fair

Only 199 Linden Eachone
From 25 Oct to 5 Nov
Don't miss this wonderfoul outfits!

The Boho Fair 2014

The Boho Fair Exlusives
Outfit Katty I & II
150 Linden Eachone
Outfit Lucilly I & II
Visit Us on Boho Fair!

08 outubro 2014

New Release in store

New Release in Rd Style Store
Outfit Raquel
Only 129 Linden