05 julho 2014

The Candy Shop

Outfit Mya
Only 199 linden eachone

Manga Fair

Here is our collection
Only 170 linden eachoutfit

This is our proposal 
only 89 linden eachone

The Naughty Nitch Fair

RD Style
Outfit Rebeca
Only 189 Linden eachone

New Relases In Store

New Release in Store
Rd Style Kyoko
Only 170 Linden eachone

OMG Room Round 3

New OMG Room Round 3
check this outfits
at only 100 linden eachone

Summer Fashion Festival

Another Fashion Summer Event
For RD Style
We have propose very nice bikini
with kawaii Owls!!!!
in 3 different styles only 59 linden eachone
and for gacha lovers
our fantastic summer sandals only 89 linden eachone
Come to visit Summer Fashion Festival.