13 abril 2014

The Comics Fair Exlusives

Heya, Girls here our Exlusives for The Comics Fair Event. You can find this outfits in The Comics Fair Land starting from 15 April 2014

Outfit Ami Mizuno

(Based in Sailor Mercury)

                                              Outfit Inu Chan#2
                                            (Based in Inuyasha)

Outfit Inu Chan
(Based in Inuyasha)


                                                                    Outfit Kawai Girl
                                                                    The Comic Bazar


               Outfit Serenan V2
               (Based in Sailor Moon)

Purple Buckle Ankle Boots
     Gift 5 Linden

You can find in the Gatcha, 8 Nails for Slink Hands, insipirated to the 8 Sailors (of Sailor Moon Saga) (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, NeptuneRARE, Pluto, Chibi RARE, Moon)
I remember that Sailors Nails Hud and This items in picture, can find them only into Comics Fair Land
Come to visit Us in Comics Fair Land

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